Study Design Calculators and Tools

Simplify Your Sample Size and Study Design Calculations

Study Design Calculators provides a cloud-based set of tools that will allow you to perform calculations, generate designs and randomize subjects from any platform, including PCs, Macs, tablets and even phones.

All of our calculators and generators are throughly tested against academic publications, textbooks and existing software. At Study Design Calculators, we believe in transparency, which is why we make the code used for every result open source.

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Power and Sample Size Calculation

Study Design Calculators offers 38 calculators to determine sample size and power requirements for 132 hypotheses (and we are adding more all the time). All calculations are throughly tested against existing software packages and multiple references, including textbooks and journal articles.

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Sample Allocation/Randomization

Sample allocation and randomization is a critical component of any clinical trail. Study Design Calculators provides a variety of randomization methods, including adaptive and covariate adjusted randomization methods to ensure that your trial is effectively carried out.

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Study Design Calculators provides several commonly used methods to design a trial from basic factorial designs and block designs to more specialized designs such as strip plot designs.

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We Are Always Adding to Our Tools

We are always expanding our calculators, generators and tools. If there is something that you need but is not listed, let us know! Our goal is to provide tools for every type of study design and statistical hypothesis to make designing studies as easy as possible. Focus on your study, not how to do the statistical calculations!

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