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Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test for Independance (Multiple Strata)

The Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test tests for a strata effect for binary outcomes. This type of test comes us frequently when multiple centers (which are the strata) are used in a study. The goal is to test if there is a center effect that prevents treating all observations as a homogenous sample.

Power Calculation Parameters

To input multiple values, seperate them by a comma.

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Power Calculation Explanation

Solve For
The unknown you are interested in solving for.
The sample size used to test the hypothesis.
The \(\alpha\) (Type I error rate) level of the hypothesis test.
The power (1 - Type II error rate) of the hypothesis test.
Number of Strata
The number of strata in the study. If you have a multi-center trial, this is the number of centers in the trial.
Contingency Table
The table representing contingency table for each strata. If you prefer, you can enter the raw probabilities here and you will get the same result, as long as the sum of the table is 1.
\(\pi\) is a comma seperated list of the proportion of the total sample size each strata represents. These values will be normalized so that they sum to 1.

Calculation Results

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Power Graph

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